• How can I tell if my foundation needs repaired?

    Scan the exterior of your home. If you notice cracks in the brick and or mortar, gaps around windows, or shifting you likely have foundation failure. Interior cracks on a perimeter wall are also signs that you likely have foundation failure.

  • How much does foundation repair cost?

    Most repairs range between 3k & 10k

  • Can foundation damage be prevented?

    One of the biggest culprits in poor drainage control. Make sure the ground around your home has good slope away. Ask yourself, If water was to dump next to your home would it flow towards the home or away? Make sure your downspouts dump water away from the home.

  • Are cracked walls a sign of foundation repair?

    If the cracks are on a perimeter wall you likely have foundation issues.

  • What can be done to remedy uneven floors?

    Typically uneven floors are due to lack of sufficient support from the crawl space and not foundation movement. Most of the time adding piers and additional support will improve and stabilize the floor system.

  • How long does it take to fix a faulty foundation?

    Most jobs can be completed in a couple of days and believe it or not the effects to the yard are less than you would expect.

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