Foundation Failure


Most foundation failure is caused by excessive movement of the soils & not by poor construction of the foundation.  Typically soils in Tennessee are expansive and because of this foundations for homes and buildings shift as the soils shifts.  With rain the soils expand and with droughts the soils shrink. Concrete does not perform well with this type of movement.


Common signs are cracks in brick, gaps around one side of an exterior door or window, bowing fascia board interior distress on an exterior wall, sloping of floor towards exterior wall.  

How to Fix?

American Structural is your answer.  The staff at American Structural has the experience to guide you all the way through the process.  Do you appreciate a staff you can communicate with? How about a crew that has worked together for 10 plus years?  What about a company that will not sell something just for the sake of sales. If repair is not needed we will tell you.