The Pro’s of Prompt Foundation Repair

Putting off fixing problems with your foundation will not make the problem go away; it may actually make it worse over time.  Procrastinating a much needed foundation repair can in fact cause some extreme damage to happen such as the collapsing of a basement wall, or at the least, very expensive repairs; all of which can be avoided by investing in your home and fixing the foundation now.

No matter if you have a new or old home foundation issues happen, and a foundation that is not functioning at full capacity means that you are not living your life with the feeling of safety and peace of mind that you deserve when you are there.  

Some people attempt to fix their house’s foundation themselves.  While this is commendable, it may not be wise. Patching up cracks in drywall is a very common do-it-yourself fix for foundations.  However, improving the appearance of the foundation of a house does not improve the stability of the foundation. And performing ‘quick fixes’ to your foundation requires being in a constant state of keep-up and does not provide a long term solution to the problem.  In fact, it can lead to a residence that may eventually become unlivable.

An additional benefit of repairing your foundation without delay is that it protects the largest investment that you have – your home.  If you were to choose to sell you home in the future, as many people do, you would be unable to sell your home for its full value with needed foundation repairs present.  Fixing the foundation now will allow you to rest knowing that you have done everything within your power to ensure that the value of your house stays in tact and is not compromised by having a structural defect such as a foundation in need of repair.  

You can start by performing a simple foundation inspection yourself.  Walk around your house with a pencil and a ruler in hand. Look for any cracks in the concrete.  Remember, some cracks might not be dangerous, but others may spell out trouble.

For example, hairline cracks may simply be the product of minor settling or curing of the concrete.  They can easily be filled with an epoxy injection system. However, if you can stick your pencil in a crack up to the paint on the pencil, the crack is considered to be wide enough to be an indication of a major problem.  

Measure the width of any cracks with your ruler.  If a crack is more than 3/16″ wide, there could be a problem.  You can mark any smaller cracks with tape and examine them periodically over the next few months.  If you find any large or expanding cracks, bulging or buckling in your concrete foundation, call a foundational repair expert immediately and request an inspection. Don’t wait to have a structural engineer assist you because the longer you wait, the more it may cost to have it repaired.

So, if you are still wondering if you should get your foundation fixed now or later, the answer is now!  Save yourself the time and trouble of trying to fix it and re-fix it yourself, protect your largest asset and biggest investment by maintaining its structural soundness and overall value, and live happily with the peace of mind that the house you are living in is a safe place to be!