Finding a Foundational Repair Contractor

In order to be happy with your foundational repair, you must first be happy with the company and workers that you choose to perform the foundational repair for you.  Take your time and talk to several companies before making your final selection. Make sure you feel good about the people that will be working for you. After all, you home is your largest investment so it pays to choose wisely.

Make sure you talk to no less than three different companies.  Most companies offer free inspections and evaluations, so take advantage of it.  During the inspections, make sure you know what questions to ask. Do your research and write out your questions along with each company’s answers.  This will make it easier to compare notes later when it is time to make your decision.

Before setting up your inspection, ask each company if they have had their foundational repair methods properly evaluated by the ICC-ES.  The International Code Council Evaluation Services organization is a non-profit group that makes certain that all building products meet the strict code compliance setup by the organization.  Don’t bother with a free inspection from any company that is not in compliance with the ICC-ES.

An honest foundational repair company will have what is called a “clause for the depth of the hydraulic piling”.  Usually, it is about 20 to 30 feet. If they have to go deeper than that, more than likely there will be an added cost per foot beyond the depth clause.  It is recommended to go with a company that has a depth clause in place. Many times, contractors without a depth clause will not drill past the point where they know a profit is guaranteed.

Ask to see if your landscaping is covered in the warranty of the company’s work.  Some companies do not provide assurance that bushes or shrubs will stay alive in the event that they must be moved or replaced.  Get everything in writing.

Be sure to carefully read over all warranty information and company guarantees.  Many national companies offer very good and extensive warranties on their work. Do not go with a company that cannot back their work with a good warranty including follow-up service, if necessary.

There are many other important things to keep in mind when hiring a foundational repair company.  How long has the company been in business? Are the contractors properly trained? Do they have an ongoing training program in place?  Are they certified? Ask to see proof of certification, as well as insurance information including worker’s compensation and general liability.  You can’t play it too safe with such an important decision regarding the largest investment you own!