Putting a Price on Foundation Repair

Providing an exact price for foundation repair is challenging due to the many variables that will have an effect on the cost at large.  Here are some common factors that will play a part in determining the price of your foundation repair:

  • The cause of the foundational problem
  • The method of repair necessary to fix the foundational problem
  • The amount of preparation necessary for the foundation repair
  • The accessibility of the area in need of repair
  • The size of the house
  • The size and complexity of the foundation and the repair
  • The type of material used in house construction
  • The experience level of the foundational repair workers hired

Below is a list of some other things that you may need to take into consideration when trying to determine the overall cost of a foundation repair.  These charges will not apply to every person’s foundation repair needs. It will depend on each individual’s circumstances as well as where they live.  These possible expenses include:

  • Soil reports
  • Hiring of a structural engineer
  • Building permit
  • Hidden obstacles (such as old previous repairs, tree roots, etc.)
  • Seismic work (if living in an area where applicable)
  • Excavation costs (if needed to get to the floor of the foundation)
  • Custom foundation repair systems design
  • Additional necessary repairs (such as plumbing) needed to fix the foundation

Generally speaking, an average foundational repair cost may be around $5-7000, not including any necessary additional repair work.  A more difficult repair job could cost as much as $14,000 keeping in mind the variables previously listed.

The cost of fixing the foundation of your house may be high, but the benefits of foundation repair are priceless.  The sooner you address any foundational problems, the less it will cost you in the long run. Be sure to talk to several local professional foundational repair companies and get free estimates.  This will help to ensure you get the best work for the fairest price.